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Met boosts NIE pass rate with mentoring scheme

The Met's pass rate for investigator exams is up 18% thanks to an innovative mentoring scheme.

Met boosts NIE pass rate with mentoring scheme

Date - 5th May 2022
By - Chris Smith

A personal tutoring programme is helping tackle the detective shortage in the capital.

The Metropolitan Police’s overhaul of support for the National Investigators Exam has increased its detective ranks.

And the pilot is now set to be expanded and offered to all forces where officers are required to take the NIE

The purpose of the NIE is to identify the candidates who have sufficient levels of knowledge, understanding and application of relevant law and procedure to perform effectively in the professionalising investigations programme phase two (PIP2) and as a trainee investigator.

But changes in policing, such as evidence demands, have made some officers consider other career options.

So, the MPS decided to review the learning journey of the approximately one thousand aspiring detectives.

Red Snapper Learning, part of the Red Snapper Group which owns Police Oracle, was brought in to develop a programme for the MPS to help support all officers undertaking the NIE.

Kylie Wilson, RSL Head of Learning, explained: “People learn in different ways and balancing the job and studying creates huge demands – not least the amount of time someone can commit to study. The detective role can seem unobtainable to some because of the process to get there."

“Some officers are daunted by the idea of exams and that can create another barrier, despite the fact that they are hugely talented and would make brilliant detectives. Some officers just don't know where to start with their learning and need a more structured approach.”

The new approach includes a personal support programme consisting of the Police Revision digital study aides, virtual seminars, classrooms sessions, mock exams and mentor support.

The initial cohort of more than 400 candidates that signed up piloted this package.

The results were a 39% improvement in individual scores and an 18% increase in pass rates.

The Metropolitan Police said: “The MPS are determined to offer their officers on the Detective Constable Pathways - and those applying through the traditional Trainee Detective Constable route - the best support available to achieve their goals.”

With demand for detectives at an all-time high, the new recruits are already in demand. 

Kylie Wilson said: “With a national shortage of detectives, senior leadership teams are looking at innovative ways to enable officers to open up career options. This is an approach that we’ve proven delivers results.

“We’re proud to have been able to support these officers onto the next stage of their careers. The detective role is hugely rewarding and critical for the MPS in meeting its objectives of reducing crime in London. So wish them good luck for the future.” 

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