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Met Federation could seek compensation over COVID-19 cases

Leaders of frontline officers in the capital are considering a future compensation claim for members who caught COVID-19 on duty. It followed the Health Secretary ruling out a police vaccination programme.

Further action: Met Fed Chair Ken Marsh condemed not vaccinating officers

Further action: Met Fed Chair Ken Marsh condemed not vaccinating officers

Date - 9th February 2021
By - Chris Smith
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The Metropolitan Police Federation has revealed it is considering legal action against the government to compensate frontline officers who caught COVID-19 while on duty.

Met Federation Chair Ken Marsh told Police Oracle that court action is possible following the Health Secretary Matt Hancock announcing on live TV that frontline officers will not be getting the vaccine unless they are classed as vulnerable.

So far, five members of the force have died from COVID-19 including a custody officer last month.

Mr Marsh said a legal claim could go beyond just the officers who have suffered illness.

“We will be looking further than that. We’ve raised numerous questions about PPE. Ten months ago we were having arguments with the government about face coverings. We were told ‘you don’t need them.’”

He added: “You can’t pick and choose which bit of the World Health Organisation advice you want. Colleagues are finding this situation stressful. There are going to be lots of mental health issues after this.”

Mr Marsh added that the Met’s leadership, including Commissioner Dame Cresssida Dick, want officers to be vaccinated as part of an official programme.

Local health officials in London are contacting borough leads when vaccines are going unused. But the snow and ice has seen an increase in no-shows and Mr Marsh said it could have been an opportunity to protect his members.

“There were 30% of vaccines not completed. If we’d have got the phone call, I could have had every cop there,” he told Police Oracle. “It’s completely immoral and wrong.”

The announcement by the Health Secretary provoked anger from all 43 branches of the Police Federation of England and Wales.

They responded with an open letter warning the decision was unacceptable.

John Apter, National Chair said: “Police officers feel betrayed by the lack of action from government. The warm words and platitudes we have had to date are simply not enough.

"Officers are risking their lives on the frontline of this pandemic – they are in daily contact with vulnerable people – and must now be protected without delay. Anything less would be a dereliction of duty by the English and Welsh governments.”

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Popeye - Thu, 11 February 2021

and how do you prove they caught it on duty. no legs in this