How To Become A Police Officer - General Information

A career as a police officer can be immensely varied and rewarding. The process of how to become a police officer is explained in this section.

To get the best head start in trying to join the police service we recommend following the 'How To Become A Police Officer' guide – we have checked it out - it really helps and is probably the best around. Click Here.

Police recruitment is handled by each individual police force, although there are national standards of police entrance tests. In England & Wales this is the 'Police Initial Recruitment Test' or 'PIRT', and in Scotland it is the 'Standard Entrance Test'.

Due to the attractiveness of becoming a police officer and the varied opportunities available to successful applicants, the post of police constable is always over-subscribed. So we have compiled an information resource that will give you the inside track on your police application, and a far better chance of succeeding in joining the UK police. The police application information is all provided by serving and ex police officers who have specific knowledge of the different stages of the process.

Throughout this section you will see reference to several selected organisations, all run by serving or retired police officers with specific expertise in the police recruitment process, which offer different types of assistance to candidates. Although some of this police application assistance is paid for, the results from these police recruitment companies show a far higher success rate for their applicants than for those who applied without any form of help. Consider using them - the small amount of money this specialist help costs is far outweighed by greater chance of securing your dream police job. They can all be found on the Joining Assistance page.

Good luck!

How 2 Become – A UK Police Officer

Want to join the police force? The 'How to become a UK Police Officer' CD ROM is the most comprehensive product available to guide you through the UK Police Officer selection process and help you to secure this fantastic career at the first attempt.



Passing the Police Recruit Assessment Process

The number of people applying to join the police continues to grow, but only one in ten applications proves successful.

This new book, written by a former police officer who helped devise the assessment process, is packed with practical advice for those applying to become a police officer.



Interview Exercises for the police Recruit Assessment Process

This practical and accessible book focuses on the interview, which forms a key part of the Police Recruit Assessment Process. This book identifies the nature of the interview and fully explains what to expect in the way of interaction with the assessor. It offers clear guidance on preparation for and performance in the interview and identifies the core competencies tested within the exercise. The range of practice exercises and detailed guidance increase confidence and competence and help candidates fully prepare for this aspect of the test.



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Blackstone's Guide to the Human Rights Act 1998 Fourth Edition

Blackstone's Guide to the Human Rights Act 1998 Fourth Edition

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This book provides a clear and concise explanation of how the Human Rights Act has been applied and outlines the scope of the Convention articles and highlights key domestic cases on relevant rightsIt summarises the interpretative techniques that lawyers need to understand and is written by leading experts in the field. It details further sources for research on domestic and Strasbourg human...
How 2 Become - Pass The Police Role Play Exercise Test

How 2 Become - Pass The Police Role Play Exercise Test

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PASS THE POLICE OFFICER ROLE PLAY WITH THIS NEW INSIDERS DVD! The 'How to pass the Police Officer Role Play' DVD is an amazing 'insiders' resource which will show you EXACTLY how to pass this difficult stage of the Police Officer selection process. Full of insider tips and advice, this 40 minute duration Police Officer Role Play DVD will guide you through the assessment process in detail and...
How 2 Become - A Prison Officer - Role Play DVD

How 2 Become - A Prison Officer - Role Play DVD

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THIS COMPREHENSIVE AND PROFESSIONAL DVD IS PACKED FULL OF VITAL INFORMATION TO HELP YOU PASS THE PRISON OFFICER ROLE PLAY WHICH FORMS PART OF THE RECRUITMENT ASSESSMENT DAY FOR BECOMING A PRISON OFFICER. The Prison Officer Recruitment Assessment Day (RAD) involves a number of sections including a role play assessment. During the Role Play assessment you will have to demonstrate the 6 Core...