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Gavin Stephens: Preferred candidate for Surrey's top job

Officer takes 'route 96' from constable through to chief of regional force

Gavin Stephens offered top job after serving at every rank since joining Surrey Police. • An officer who has placed neighbourhood policing as the bedrock of law enforcement in Britain has today been given the chance to put his beliefs into practice – as the newest chief of a regional forc

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And this makes three: DCC Louisa Rolfe hands PC Dan Thomas his third commendation

Once, twice, three times a hero for braveheart dog handler

Officer collects third commendation – this time for chasing down and arresting suspect despite horror spike wound. • Doctors told police dog handler Dan Thomas that his heroics in catching a fleeing suspect after being impaled on a metal fence spike could have cost him his life from a fatal bl

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Misconduct: Allegations found proven against Gwent DC Claire Fitzpatrick

Detective sacked over sex comments at work in 'culture of banter'

No funny ending for officer that panel found committed 29 separate acts of inappropriate behaviour. • Policing has thrown the proverbial book at a foul-mouthed officer – sacked for a record-breaking list of inappropriate behaviour including breaking wind at work, putting a claustrophobic child

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Colin McGinty: Murdered in 2001

Detective: I want to rid the killing streets of Britain in memory of my murdered friend

Officer backs programme in schools to blunt 'devastating effect' of knife crime on victims' families. • Detective Inspector Andy McCourt has never forgotten the devastating impact the 2001 fatal stabbing of close friend Colin McGinty had on him. The Crosby youngster was just 21 when he was

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Monday, 18th March

Crazy driving: Officer found to be keeping black cab business a secret

DC doubled as a 'black cab driver' special case hearing told

Drunk-in-charge officer dismissed over 'business interest' duping. • An officer who failed to declare to the force he was doubling as a black cab driver will have to find a new career outside policing after being sacked for drink-driving. Detective Constable Matthew Davies failed to decl

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Centre of attention: DCS Keith Milner, centre of picture, with a box of evidence

Officer who helped bring notorious offenders to justice dies

First officer on the scene of the Great Train Robbery dies aged 83. • The officer credited with triggering the most famous quote from arguably the crime of the 20th century has died at the age of 83. Retired Detective Chief Superintendent Keith Milner spent a lifetime recounting the

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ACC Steve Johnson: Planning includes having sufficient officer availability during critical periods, says EU exit tactical commander

Task force ready to respond to any 'unprecedented set of circumstances' thrown up by EU withdrawal

Hundreds of officers on standby for Brexit. • Hundreds of officers have been put on standby today in the event of “any incidents arising” from Britain’s pending exit from the European Union. The task force will be ready to respond to any emergencies during an "unprece

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Police activity: A firearms officer outside the flats in Lee Bank, Birmingham

'One officer fired single shot in intelligence-led operation death'

Watchdog investigation under way into fatal police incident. • A 52-year-old man was killed by a single shot when six firearms officers went into a block of flats to make an arrest, a police watchdog has confirmed. West Midlands officers attempted resuscitation of Trevor Alton Smith who

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Sunday, 17th March

Police Orchestra to stage concert at Royal Albert Hall

Police Orchestra to stage concert at Royal Albert Hall

Be prepared for 1,000 flashing blue lights as an introduction to Rick Wakeman's Dance of a Thousand Lights and listen out for your favourite British Police television theme. • The British Police Sym

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Nottinghamshire Police: CC Craig Guildford branded Bowditch a

Ex-officer spared prison over chat room child sex crimes

Suspended-sentence PC branded 'disgrace' placed on sex offenders' register for 10 years. • A former officer branded a "disgrace" by a force chief after admitting to "repulsive" child sex offences has escaped a jail term. Ex-Nottinghamshire PC Lee Bowditch was handed an e

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    Saturday, 16th March

    Dr Gillian Tully: Forensic Science Regulator

    Lack of digital evidence results in abandoned criminal cases, watchdog warns

    Forensic science regulator wants policing to face statutory enforcement powers despite improvements by dozens of forces. • Under-resourced police forensic units are facing a battle for survival as criminal cases are being abandoned because digital evidence is not available, a watchdog has reveale

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    Image copyright: Open Aye

    The knife crime crisis is real

    Russell Webster interrogates the latest statistics and questions the government's approach. • Three recent events have confirmed the seriousness of the recent rise in knife crime. The first was the tragic fatal stabbing of 17 year old Jodie Chesney, a young woman with no gang affiliatio

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      Friday, 15th March

      Found guilty: Ex-DC Lee Pollard and DC Sharon Patterson outside the Old Bailey

      Force apologises after 'cynical' couple convicted of sabotaging child abuse probes

      'The public can be confident our organisation now is very different to where it was five years ago'. • A force left rocked and “shocked” has apologised to all parties caught up in the police sabotaging of child abuse investigations that today saw two rogue officers facing the likelihood

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      David Duckenfield: Denies gross negligence manslaughter of 95 Liverpool supporters

      Hillsborough summing up: What a competent match commander should have done and known by day of FA Cup game

      David Duckenfield had 'authority and should have had knowledge to make lifesaving decisions', manslaughter trial told. • Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield has not been “unfairly singled out” to take the blame for the Hillsborough disaster 30 years ago, a court heard

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      Leppings Lane crush: 96 Liverpool fans died

      'Don't blame Hillsborough match commander for decade of incompetence on the part of others'

      Defence claims prosecution of David Duckenfield is 'breathtakingly unfair'. • An "excellent police officer" but inexperienced match commander is taking the criminal blame for a “decade of incompetence on the part of others”, the closing stages of the Hillsborough gross neglige

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      West Midlands Police: Referred shooting to the IOPC

      Armed officers in force's second fatal shooting this year

      Man in 50s killed in 'intelligence-led' operation. • An investigation is underway after a man was shot dead by armed officers during an “intelligence-led” operation. It is the second fatal shooting by West Midlands Police in the space of two months. The incident oc

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      Thursday, 14th March

      Taking the lead: On course to be a detective

      The Graduate Detective 'to release pressure valve on frontline officers'

      Policing to see 'quick and direct' entry process steering ex-students to new trainee academy. • A force which admitted it simply did not have enough officers to respond to every crime believes a new fast-track graduate-entry scheme to tackle a chronic nationwide shortage of investigators

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      Met misconduct hearing: PC Marcus Tyson's remarks '

      Officer dismissed over 'racist outburst' at lawful march

      Event organiser told 'you can't dictate what to do in my country', misconduct panel hears. • An officer has been sacked after sending out entirely the “wrong message” by telling a political march organiser “it’s my country” in an outburst viewed with racist overton

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      Intervention: Former Met chief Sir Paul Stephenson

      Knife crime debate drowning out voices of victims, says ex-Met chief

      While offensive weapon offences hit highest level since 2009, new figures reveal. • A dramatic reduction in stop and search driven by “political correctness" has contributed to the “shameful” surge in violence on Britain’s streets, a former top officer claims

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      Tasered: PIRC found that officers had responded appropriately when faced with the man's behaviour

      Police use of baton launcher and Taser was justified against man threatening self-harm

      Report confirms 'professional and measured response' armed officers show on a regular basis, says force. • Officers were justified in using a baton launcher and Taser when arresting an armed man threatening to stab himself in the throat, a watchdog has ruled. A Police Scotland unit was ca

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      Wednesday, 13th March

      High profile: Supt Novlett Robyn Williams with London Mayor Sadiq Khan at a Met Passing out parade in 2016

      Officer commended for Grenfell disaster charged with possessing indecent video of underage girl

      Met superintendent's court denial she saw 54-second WhatsApp clip 'sent by her sister'. • A QPM-holding senior officer commended for her work helping families affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster is due to face trial accused of possessing a video of a small child being sexually abused which she

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      Philip Hammond: Announcing his Spring Statement today

      Forces get £100m to tackle knife crime epidemic in Spring Statement

      But nothing can make up for 'human and economic consequences' of £2.7bn cuts, says Shadow Chancellor. • Policing leaders have broadly welcomed the Chancellor’s promise of a £100 million cash injection to tackle the “national emergency” of a rising tide of violence

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      Commendation: Retiring DCI Steve Whittaker, left, with South Yorkshire Chief Constable Stephen Watson

      'My last murder case made me delay retirement by 18 months'

      Reflections of SIO who held off leaving the service to see child killers behind bars. • A senior investigating officer is taking his leave of policing after more than three decades of dedicated service with a “pride” he has achieved his long-term goal of “making a difference&rdq

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      David Duckenfield: Not taking the stand at court

      Hillsborough court shock: David Duckenfield will not speak at his trial

      And jurors told defence evidence from ground commander will be read out as he has died. • Jurors will not hear why Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield took the decision to open exit gates to the stadium that led to the disaster 30 years ago. The retired chief superintendent is

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