Law must recognise police drivers are trying to keep public safe, says Met commissioner
Woman wins High Court challenge over force vetting
Henry Hicks crash site was the 'most horrific thing', says officer accused of gross misconduct


Learning the Lessons: Missing person cases

Learning the Lessons: Missing person cases

The Learning the Lessons Committee is a multi-agency committee established to disseminate and promote learning across the police service. • Learning the Lessons bulletins summarise investigations conducted by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) or police forces where l

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Sunset for the IRA?

Sunset for the IRA?

Dr Dave Sloggett looks at the situation in Northern Ireland and asks is the end in sight for dissident republicanism in Northern Ireland. • The nursery rhyme: “Red Sky at night Shepard’s delight, Red Sky in the morning Shepard’s warning”. While its origins are steeped

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