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Rise in 999 calls involving werewolves witches and ghosts

If there's something strange in the neighbourhood...

Rise in 999 calls involving werewolves witches and ghosts

Date - 3rd May 2018
By - Sophie Garrod - Police Oracle

Officers have to deal with a lot on a daily basis - even calls about aliens, ghosts and monsters.

More than 100 people have called Avon and Somerset Constabulary about spooky experiences since 2014.

The figures released highlight calls the force has received relating to ghosts, werewolves, witches, aliens, zombies and general monsters.

A total of 139 calls were received on these subjects, with 60 of these between September 2016 and September 2017.

The number of calls about ghostly encounters has steadily risen from six in 2014/15 to 14 in 2015/16, and again to 21 in 2016/17.

Only three calls were received about werewolves and one was about zombies, whilst witches made up 41 per cent of total reports.

Calls about alleged alien encounters or sightings tripled from three in 2014/15 to nine the following year, and remained around that level in 2016/17, with ten calls being logged.

General monsters made up the remaining numbers, with a total of eight calls over the three-year period.

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