Why did the police horse catch the bus?

Detectives have ruled out foal play.

'Hay mate, does this service go to Epsom?' Photos: Simon Crowcroft/PA Wire

'Hay mate, does this service go to Epsom?' Photos: Simon Crowcroft/PA Wire

Date - 5th January 2017
By - John Steed
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Passers-by were woah-ed by the sight of a police horse who looked like he was about to get on a double-decker yesterday.

But it wasn’t an austerity-driven method for replacing a Met horse box - the cheeky animal was just being helpful.

Invictor was nosing around as an ambulance attended the number 43 bus in Upper Street in Islington, north London, after a passenger collapsed.

He didn’t stay on the bus fur-long, but a force spokesman said he was simply “showing he’s a team player” as he accompanied PC Dan Smith to the scene.

A London Ambulance spokesman said: "We were called at 11.18am to reports of an unwell person on Upper Street.

"We sent an ambulance. We treated a man at the scene but did not take anyone to hospital."

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Anonymous - Thu, 05 January 2017
I can just imagine the catchphrase for this
'Come on guv, please let me on. I can give you extra horse power' boom boom
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Anonymous - Mon, 09 January 2017
I didn't get my oats this morning, and as I have walked my allotted route and run out of energy - the bus was a great option - there was enough room for me!
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Peter - Tue, 10 January 2017
Apparently it caused a tailback on the mane road. Drivers bridled at the inconvenience - this sort of thing could stirrup trouble!
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Bob - Fri, 13 January 2017
It was probably going down to the Jobcentre...
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