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Officers become top of the boppers with thin blue line dance

Force's Zumba number shows carnival-goers a lesson in community engagement.

Don't stop the carnival: Officer strut their stuff

Don't stop the carnival: Officer strut their stuff

Date - 1st August 2018
By - Nick Hudson - Police Oracle

Six officers couldn’t resist bopping on the beat as they enthused ‘Lord, don’t stop the carnival’.

Zumba instructor Lisa Malesa thought they'd come mob handed to tell her she'd parked in the wrong place.

But the reality was the North Wales Police officers just wanted to show they were no killjoys – and join in the fun of Prestatyn carnival which featured a grand parade, brass bands, Morris dancers and vocalists. 

Ms Malesa was approached by the six officers as she was giving a demonstration at Saturday’s event in the seaside town.

She said: “When we finished our song we spoke to them and they asked if it would be okay to join us for a number, and we immediately agreed.”

The instructor chose to play the Big Bang Bounce zumba tune as she thought the choreography would be easy and simple to pick up – but bags of fun.

“The result was absolutely brilliant and we haven’t stopped smiling, watching the footage back,” said Ms Malesa.

“A huge well done to North Wales Police, it’s not an easy thing to do and learning choreography can take weeks and they only had a few seconds.”

She added: “It was also wonderful to see them with their local community and having fun.”

Engaging with the community was the object of this particular impromptu exercise, with the force, which posted a two-minute video online, adding: “The officers, many of whom were specials and who were at the event anyway, took just a few minutes out of the day to join in the carnival fun with the community they serve.

District Inspector Arwyn Jones said: “I am keen for my team to engage with the community, particularly in supporting community events – this is a vital part of neighbourhood policing. 

“Granted some of the dance moves left a bit to be desired, but the overwhelming response from the community was fantastic.”

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