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Is that a tow bar officer - or are you just pleased to see me?

Online clip shows off amusing BMW police vehicle gadget.

BOING!: The prominent piece of equipment cause much amusement on social media

BOING!: The prominent piece of equipment cause much amusement on social media

Date - 21st November 2016
By - John Toner - Police Oracle
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Policing is full of gadgetry these days but the towbar on the BMW X5 rises above the rest.

The fully automated concealed towbar can be deployed at the push of a button, much to the amusement of the online policing community.

A Twitter post from Devon and Cornwall firearms officer Sgt Harry Tangye showcasing his equipment caused many to joke about the robust nature of the towbar.

Posting the video Sgt Tangye commented: “Always useful… Steady with the comments please!”



PC Chris Smith tweeted: “Always make sure your personal equipment is in correct working order ;)”

Twitter user @oldblackfener added: “Is that how you signal your thoughts if you are followed by members of the press?” with @aghanloo commenting: “I wish I had something similar but with a large finger for those who tailgate!”.

Appropriate Adult at Kings Lynn, Wymondham & Bury Police Investigation Centres, Christabel Ward, said: “No Viagra needed!”

The pop-up device on the X5 is certainly quicker than the deployable towbar on the BMW 5 Series which takes more than 20 seconds to be fully revealed.



Ooh err, Sarge.

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Thewayitwas - Tue, 22 November 2016

Ooh arr Mrs don't look there .
Let's just wait for the first one to be offended.

It reminds me of the police officer poster on the rear of a bus ...around the exhaust pipe.
And my force when we had "Working for a safer community " written in joined up italics across all our bonnets . The 'O' in working looked like an 'a' and the 'r' looked like an 'n' . Work it out !!