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Pig chase sees cops called in

Animal mysteriously appeared in suburban Skegness and residents used apples to try and tempt it.

One resident attempted to lasso the pig

One resident attempted to lasso the pig

Date - 5th January 2016
By - Josh Loeb - Police Oracle

A police van was sent to pick up a fugitive pig which mysteriously appeared on a suburban street in Skegness.

Residents frantically tried to save the animal’s bacon when it was running in and out of traffic by offering it apples to tempt it from the road.

They also used a cowboy-style lasso to try and capture it, the Lincolnshire Echo reported.

However, when their efforts, failed police were called in to help.

After a brief chase, they took the hog into custody, and they are now appealing for anyone who knows about its origin to get in touch.

"It was just in the road and is probably a micro-pig," a Lincolnshire Police spokesman told the Echo.

Others identified it as a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, a breed sometimes kept as a pet.

The errant pig is currently staying at a local farm, and officers hope it can be rehomed soon.

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