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(18/05/18) Blundering fugitive caught hiding under duvet (11/05/18) Officers catch police canteen-invading pigeon (10/05/18) Armed police called to Home Guard 'living history' event (04/05/18) 'We will be watching you': Criminals receive birthday cards from force (03/05/18) Rise in 999 calls involving werewolves witches and ghosts (19/04/18) Bungling robbers get comeuppance when stolen money blows away (16/04/18) Merseyside officers make a splash with pool-side arrest (12/04/18) Music fans rescued by police after fears they were a suicide cult (05/04/18) We braced ourselves for response to toothy e-fit, says force (21/03/18) Officers capture wanted man during McDonald's break (19/03/18) D'oh! Driver tries to foil TVP officer with Simpson licence (17/03/18) Officers sent to clean spilt milk after busy roundabout closed (02/03/18) Force leaks ludicrous 999 call over KFC's chicken shortage (27/02/18) Police who stop 13-year-old driving a car told 'it was only a short journey' (19/02/18) Fool faces fine for flipping off force (09/02/18) Officers on 'poo watch' as drug suspect spends three weeks without movement (08/02/18) Police Scotland's terrifying encounter with hungry tiger (07/02/18) Doing bird: Force appeals for info on feathered suspect (02/02/18) Public asked to help trace man with 'prominent white teeth' (26/01/18) Motorway closed to usher penguin to safety (25/01/18) Don't think omletting you away with thatÂ… (16/01/18) Dog handler pops the question on national television (15/01/18) Driver who splashed pedestrians sparks police hunt (03/01/18) Pursuit of dangerous riders ends with a splash (15/12/17) Footprints lead to five arrests (11/12/17) Two officers injured after police cars collide
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