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Advertorial : democratising OSINT Investigations

Social Links unveils SL Crimewall, a platform that simplifies the entire intelligence cycle.

Advertorial : democratising OSINT Investigations

Date - 22nd November 2023
By - Social Links

Democratizing the OSINT Industry 


Typically, intelligence tools in the open-source intelligence field have been complex solutions, often requiring specialized skills that create a high entry barrier for less experienced users. This is why we at Social Links conceived SL Crimewall platform, an OSINT investigation solution designed to simplify the entire intelligence experience, from data extraction across 500 open sources including social media, blockchain, and the Dark Web, through visualization and processing, to the final report. 


With the introduction of our new solution, Social Links seeks to change the industry paradigm by providing a simplified experience and making it possible for everyone who can benefit from open data to realize those benefits, regardless of their level of expertise and knowledge. Our goal is clear—to make cutting-edge technology accessible to all in order to contribute to the democratization of the OSINT sphere.


A major way in which SL Crimewall lowers the entry level for the user, is with its Built-In Case Templates and automation features that support users with less experience, while also providing skilled professionals the ability to build and engage with more complex custom scripts. With this flexible approach, every investigator—regardless of expertise—has the tools they need to tackle cases of varying complexity, and actively participate in the intelligence cycle, create scripts, streamline workflows, and reduce manual tasks.

A User-Friendly UX and Easy Case Management

SL Crimewall is designed to offer a smooth and enjoyable user experience. We've put a lot of thought into making the whole data analysis experience easier. With its sleek design, intuitive visualization options, and easy navigation, SL Crimewall transforms a complex task into a straightforward process. The collaborative and user-friendly interface has been created from the ground up to enhance user experience and foster collaboration. 


In an industry where precision and speed are crucial, SL Crimewall’s teamwork capabilities allow different users to instantly contribute and analyze evidence, and work out hypotheses in shared documents, strengthening teamwork and increasing efficiency. These capabilities redefine case management, offering robust team-driven solutions like collaborative project boards, as well as other streamlining options such as the monitoring feature, which uses notifications to keep users up-to-date on the latest activities of a given subject. 


With its built-in ML-driven tools, SL Crimewall offers advanced options for automating work-intensive tasks—analysts can process large text and image datasets, based on a range of parameters such as Sentiment Analysis, Named Entity Recognition (NER), Language Translation, and Hate Speech Detection, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient processing of the source material. 


Advanced Data Visualization for an Enhanced User Experience


The platform allows users to arrange all data in different graph layouts to view the information from fresh angles. This enables analysts to shape a clear, understandable picture from complex scenarios, and carry out a more intuitive yet insightful form of link analysis, leading to more visible connections and consequent breakthroughs. The different visualization modes include graphic views for link analysis, customizable table views for data processing, and map views with geotagging, geofencing, routes, and heatmaps—all designed to provide investigators with the powerful tools they need to make sense of vast amounts of information. 


SL Crimewall also offers flexibility in generating professional reports. Key findings can be summarized in just a few clicks, allowing users to create customized or template-based documents, and easily export investigation results and evidence. The emphasis on simplicity and clarity reflects Social Links’ commitment to providing a user-centric experience.


In recognition of our journey of innovation, Social Links was awarded the leader category in the first review of the OSINT industry from Frost & Sullivan—Frost Radar™: Open-Source Intelligence Solutions 2023. The report states: “Earning a perfect score for Innovation, Social Links offer comprehensive OSINT platform solutions that include essential data analysis and visualisation tools, and machine learning integration, group identification, tagging, and deep/dark web analysis.”


We're excited about the future and have more plans to keep addressing the difficulties associated with extracting, structuring, and analyzing extensive volumes of open data efficiently. We see the launch of SL Crimewall as a significant step forward in making the often complex OSINT industry more accessible to everyone.


To learn more about SL Crimewall or see the solution in action, go here


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