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Advertorial: CLOUD CAD

NEC launch CLOUD CAD as part of their ongoing commitment to revolutionise the Control Room.

Advertorial: CLOUD CAD

Date - 5th July 2021
By - NEC
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Technology leader NEC Software Solutions has launched a new, fully hosted Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software as the third product in their growing next generation cloud portfolio

Built with front line dispatchers and call takers, NEC’s CAD is not only using ground breaking software, but has been developed with operational feedback throughout that process. The aim is to take control room software to a new level of operational efficiency and performance, and give operators the tools they need to manage incidents in the 21st century.

Known simply as ‘Dispatch’, the CAD brings together thousands of hours of research, development and rigorous testing with live control rooms and their highly-skilled operators, who have used their experiences to shape and mould every aspect of the software. The output? A software solution that does more. One that fits the control room operation like a glove, enabling the very best emergency response in today’s fast paced environment.

What sets Dispatch apart?

Dispatch does everything you’d expect from a CAD. It enables operators to prioritise and record incident calls, identify the status and location of resources, and dispatch them effectively to incidents, as well as facilitating two-way information sharing between frontline responders and control room operators, accessible from any location.

But it does so much more than that. Dispatch has taken a pivotal innovation for public safety and rebuilt it for the needs of this and future generations.

Every second counts, so everything about Dispatch is built around time, how to save it, how to use it more efficiently and how to speed up the response. What does that look like?

  • Instant visibility of who’s on duty, their status and skill set
  • Live tracking of resources in realtime
  • Tagging to alert others in the control room to key information or to request support
  •  Potentially duplicate incidents are flagged to save double keying
  • A complete picture of incidents with all software integrated into Dispatch

What does this enable? It means that everyone in the control room can concentrate on what they do best: saving lives, faster.

Dispatch can  also be integrated with national health systems and the Police National Computer (PNC), which stores criminal records information across the UK, as well as with NEC’s Connect solution, which supports police officers and other agencies to act rapidly and effectively by providing instant access to accurate, logical and consistent information. This helps to assess threat, harm and risk in real time, reducing manual work and quickly directing resources to where they are needed most and is used by over 100,000 officers today in more than 16 UK police forces.

Building a suite of tech that supports how control rooms operate today

But it’s not just Dispatch that’s making waves in control rooms.

It joins NEC’s growing range of next-generation control room software solutions, including its Maps and Stream products, which optimise emergency services’ response to incidents and enables blue light teams to reach locations rapidly with pinpoint accuracy, as well as providing unparalleled visibility from emergency incidents.

All of these solutions have 4G and 5G readiness, which means that they’re compatible with both the TETRA and LTE networks. They’re built securely by design, with data hosted in Microsoft Azure data centres and over 3,500 cybersecurity experts proactively protecting system data

Both NEC and Microsoft are ISO27001 security accredited Rhiannon Beeson, Director of Control Room at NEC Software Solutions, said: “Our CAD, Dispatch, is built by dispatchers for dispatchers and to ensure it meets the needs of the emergency services now and into the future..

“This is a truly next-generation solution which will revolutionise how control room teams dispatch resources to incidents. It pulls data from multiple sources in real time and presents them on one screen, integrating seamlessly with other systems to provide a full end-to-end control room solution and deliver enhanced operational efficiency.

“Dispatch is cost-effective, easy to use, robust, reliable and future-proofed. It helps control room operators to better understand the incident, caller and situation, and puts people and communities at the heart of the technology.

“We’re giving control room operators enhanced quality of information to support effective decision-making and faster response times. All of this means control room teams are better informed and equipped than ever before to protect people and communities.”

When will Dispatch be available for your control room?

Dispatch is ready to support any control room, operating any emergency or critical service.

UK police forces are already starting to adopt NEC’s cloud solutions, and there are additional features being built into Dispatch to support the specific requirements of fire and rescue, ambulance and coastguard operations centres. There’s interest in Dispatch from outside of the UK too, with a number of international control rooms exploring how it can support operations in Europe, Asia and Australia.

About NEC Software Solutions

NEC Software Solutions is a leading supplier of innovative software to hundreds of emergency services and public safety agencies, being part of the global NEC Corporation. It is the global centre of excellence for technology, and its mission-critical communications and solutions are used by every police force in the UK, as well as other emergency services organisations, that together serve over 40 million people across the UK.

How to find out more

Visit and sign up for a free demo and see how Dispatch can save your control room vital seconds.

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When I worked in a force control room between 1977 and 2008 we were given several new CAD systems. Not one worked properly from the start. One of the systems forced on us was being used by several forces. When several of the forces were contacted I was told the CAD system was useless. The force I worked for did not have computer experts to help set up the system. A force senior officer was put charge, he left a few days before the system went live. It did not work properly!!!.When training personnel went the the company to learn how to train officers to use this system they were told how long the training should take but the force cut the training time to save money.