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Advertorial: No1 CopperPot's Anniversary Competition!

No1 CopperPot Credit Union is turning 35! Set up in 1986 by a group of Police Officers who wanted to help the Police Family financially, they now have over 35,000 members nationwide.

Advertorial: No1 CopperPot's Anniversary Competition!

Date - 7th April 2021
By - Police Oracle

Credit unions by nature are not for profit and help communities to save and borrow safely and affordably. Savings from all members are pooled together and these funds are used to offer loans and mortgages to those who need them. Surplus profits, most of which are made from this borrowing are shared between members each year in the form of a dividend.

Helping the Police Family financially

The ethos of the Credit Union is to support members’ financial wellbeing by encouraging small regular savings and ethical borrowing, all through payroll deduction (for added ease). It is free to join, and membership includes a vast number of benefits.

Members often use their savings with the Credit Union to cover costs such as Christmas, holidays, or longer-term items such as a new car or home improvements. Savings are easily accessible, as you can request withdrawals online at any time with no charge.

Borrowing from the Credit Union comes with benefits such as repayments through payroll deduction, no fees for overpayments or early repayments, and all applications are based on affordability – not your credit score alone! The Credit Union helps people to borrow to fund their cars, consolidate their existing debt or even just to give them flexible credit options when needed.

Considering joining the Credit Union? You can join the Credit Union by completing a short application form and agreeing to save a minimum of £5 per month here. Once you are saving, you are eligible to apply for further products including loans.

Enter their competition!

To celebrate 35 years No1 CopperPot are running a competition with 10 prizes up for grabs! They began to help the Police Family financially and they want to know the reason why you started in the police. Simple! 


  • 1 x iPad
  • 2 x £100 Amazon vouchers
  • 7 x £20 M&S vouchers

Enter the competition here:

Payroll deduction is available with 28 Police Forces.

All loans are subject to affordability and our lending criteria.

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