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Showing Stories from 7th April 2021 to 21st July 2021
(21/07/21) Disclosure work is paying off say CPS and NPCC leads (16/07/21) Former Beds Chief warns against halting historic NI prosecutions (15/07/21) Viewpoint: A day of celebration becomes a day of recrimination (13/07/21) Cheshire brings back office HR functions in house with new contract (08/07/21) Life after the job: 'I know I'm one of the lucky few' (05/07/21) Advertorial: CLOUD CAD (02/07/21) Technology & legal: dealing with pre-charge disclosure (17/06/21) Advertorial: Supporting Cumbria and Durham to modernise (17/06/21) Advertorial: How Cellebrite Pathfinder is helping agencies to solve cases faster (16/06/21) Anti-Lockdown, disruption and the BBC journalist (27/05/21) Listening to the voices of Bow Street
GMP's new chief says officers will be

GMP's new chief says officers will be "smart and professional"

(27/05/21) The new chief constable of Greater Manchester Police, "old fashioned" Stephen Watson, has banned visible tattoos, will be staying off social media and says he "doesn't do virtue signaling".

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(21/05/21) What's with all the missing kids? (18/05/21) RUI arrangements will still be retained for "exceptional cases"
'You wouldn't let an officer go to a violent job without a stab-proof vest'

'You wouldn't let an officer go to a violent job without a stab-proof vest'

(17/05/21) Officers are being sent from incident to incident without the required tools to process the scenes they often witness argues Susanne Knabe-Nicol.

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(14/05/21) Northants Interceptors: The shift to proactive policing (05/05/21) Crime prevention: a new blueprint for success (04/05/21) Kill the Bill protest: Insults, music but no disorder (30/04/21) Social media framework for forces launched by Police Digital Service (26/04/21) A large, well-attended peaceful protest until….. (26/04/21) Officers must be kitted up, says Met Fed following protest injuries (23/04/21) How effective are liaison and diversion schemes? (22/04/21) Leaders reject Home Office push for return to performance targets (21/04/21) Racism: are police officers being unfairly stereotyped? (19/04/21) Forces must use SPOs more regularly, says anti-stalking charity (15/04/21) Ministers challenge domestic abuse cases being subject to MAPPA (08/04/21) Newer PSNI officers to get public order refresher training (07/04/21) Opinion: A fresh model for 21st Century Policing
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