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Book Review: 'No Ordinary Day' by Matt Johnson with John Murray

Ordinary Day: Espionage, betrayal, terrorism and corruption - the truth behind the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher is an emotive and informative read.

Book Review: 'No Ordinary Day' by Matt Johnson with John Murray

Date - 20th July 2023
By - Cachella Smith
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“On 17 April 1984, as demonstrators gathered outside the Libyan embassy in London, two gunmen lay in wait inside. At 10.18am automatic gunfire rained down on the protestors and WPC Yvonne Fletcher fell, mortally wounded.

“As his friend lay dying, PC John Murray made her a promise that he would not rest until those responsible had been brought to justice.”

Matt Johnson’s account, written in conjunction with John Murray - Yvonne Fletcher’s friend and colleague - draws together the personal with the political.

Insight into the precise thoughts and feelings of those on the day - together with its lasting impact - has been intertwined with an in-depth investigation of the political situation at the time and the resultant action from those in power. 

Johnson’s book has been thoroughly researched and contains shocking allegations - both about the decisions taken by politicians and the actions of intelligence agencies. It makes for a simultaneously moving and difficult read.

Matt Johnson himself served in the Met between 1978 and 1999 before being discharged with PTSD.

A friend of Yvonne Fletcher’s, on the day she was killed he drove the patrol car sent to escort the ambulance to Westminster Hospital. Since leaving policing he has turned to writing – this is his first non-fiction book.

John Murray has been campaigning for justice since that day, working to fulfil a promise he made to Yvonne as she lay dying.

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