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Police Halloween warning: 'We are not strippers'

Police in Ohio issue hilarious advice for students in the area, indicative of the common problems the force faces at Halloween.

Police Halloween warning: 'We are not strippers'

Date - 28th October 2014
By - Scott Docherty - Police Oracle

Ahead of celebrations at the end of this month a police department in the US has issued a message to the areas university students.

In the message, aimed at the "young'uns" and individuals that haven't been in the town long, the department runs through some of the common problems encountered at Halloween.

In a tone that suggests they've heard this joke one too many times, Brimfield Police department warn students that if they turn up at a party, their uniforms will remain on.

The message said: "We are the Brimfield Police. If we respond to your party, it is because you live in Brimfield. You have a Kent mailing address, attend school in Kent…and live in Brimfield.

"We are not “wearing great costumes” nor are we “the strippers.” 

Chief Oliver, who despensed with the wise words of advise, gave his thoughts surrounding those who use the holiday as an excuse to get drunk.

He said: "If you cannot drink alcohol without punching each other, setting things on fire, throwing things at the police or ending up getting your stomach pumped….you should not be drinking. Know your limits.

"Couple’s costumes are cute. We like telling the story from a few years back, involving Thor lovingly stroking Cinderella’s hair and telling her it would be okay…while she threw up all over our holding cell. That was an awfully romantic moment."

He also advises students who have taken the "Intro to Criminal Justice" module as part of their university courses to take advantage of their right to remain silent if arrested.

At the time of writing the post had received over 10,000 'likes' on Facebook with one user awarding it the title of "the best post in the history of police Facebook statuses".

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