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Latest forensics digest published

October edition looks at how forensic procurement and provision models are shifting in forces as well as emerging innovation and practice guidance.

Latest forensics digest published

Date - 1st October 2014
By - Jasmin McDermott - Police Oracle

The latest forensics digest, which profiles how forensic provision is shifting between forces and private companies and the latest research developments in the field, has been published.

The October edition features an interview with the national lead for forensics, Chief Constable Chris Sims, who believes that the forensic provision boundary between forces and forensic service providers is shifting to a hybrid approach that offers expertise at the crime scene but keeps the analytical work with experts.

In addition, the latest research developments in forensic research are profiled, including forensic biosensors, which attach to trace amounts of blood and body fluids on clothing, which has the potential to transform crime investigations.

Elsewhere, the Forensic Science Regulator has said that contextual information about crimes provided by officers could affect an examiners scientific objectivity and lead them to jump to conclusions about evidence.

Our exclusive feature profiles forensic guidance for wildlife crime investigation, and a senior computer security expert explains the importance of digital forensic planning.

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