Easy access to policing news and guidance!

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Easy access to policing news and guidance!

Date - 27th July 2014
By - Police Oracle

Don’t search through a mountain of irrelevant information online, let Police Oracle guide the way

Sifting through a mountain of search engine results and alerts to find the latest policing news can be hard work, so why not use Police Oracle and let our journalists and contributors take the strain for you.

Police Oracle produces over 140 original articles per month covering police news and politics plus articles on all key areas of policing including investigation, public order, counter terrorism, custody, firearms, professional standards and training, to name a few.

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As well as producing unique articles that you won’t find anywhere else, Police Oracle will also give you the police facing view of the big issues in the mainstream media, providing readers with the inside track using our contacts in policing.

Police Oracle verifies information and provides a balanced picture with room given to the police viewpoint at all levels.

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