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Latest forensics digest published

December edition looks at the latest innovation within the discipline as well as plans for more forensic competencies to be accredited.

Latest forensics digest published

Date - 15th December 2014
By - Jasmin McDermott - Police Oracle

The latest forensic digest, which details items including how specialist forensic competencies are set to be accredited and how unique scents can be crucial in crime investigations, has been published.

The December edition features an in-depth look at how DNA profiling is continuing to grow as technological innovations are introduced to forensics, but also sets out the challenge in providing a DNA toolkit to frontline officers.

The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences has set out how it intends to expand the individual competencies of forensic practitioners by creating assessments for blood pattern analysis and explosive trace analysis.

Elsewhere, we examine how pioneering research is helping to compile a "database of smells" which could enhance evidence found at crime scenes to help narrow down the list of suspects in an investigation.

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