Latest forensic digest published

Standards accreditation, individual competency and the latest forensic innovations feature in the August edition.

Latest forensic digest published

Date - 13th August 2014
By - Jasmin McDermott - Police Oracle

Emerging forms of standards accreditation to address the surge in mobile data as well as a set of competencies focused on firearms forensics are profiled in the latest forensics digest.

The July edition profiles the work of UKAS - the national standards accreditation body - which is planning to expand forensic accreditation in scene of crime, digital and handheld devices, cold case reviews and medical forensics as crime investigations become increasingly sophisticated.

Accelerated DNA profiling promises to transform crime investigations as Lancashire Police are awarded a cash injection from the government to trial the unique RapidHIT DNA device and assess how cost effective the technology is. Only three of the devices - which can produce a profile in two hours - exist in the UK.

In addition to accreditation requirements assessed by UKAS, police forensic laboratories and private companies will be require to adhere to standards requirements contained in the Forensic Science Regulator's (FSR) codes of practice. These include crime scene examination, digital forensics and firearms.

Elsewhere, the new FSR has been appointed to take over from Andrew Rennison in November. Dr Gillian Tully will take the helm two months after Mr Rennison's term comes to an end on August 31. Dr Simon Bramble will act as the interim Regulator in the mean time.

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