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Police sport fundraising body secures £348k from National Lottery

Funds will be used for pilot scheme in four forces to hold series of activities for officers and their families.

Police sport fundraising body secures £348k from National Lottery

Date - 27th January 2021
By - Police Oracle

In partnership with Sport England, and with £348k of funding from the National Lottery, TeamPolice has launched a pilot programme in four forces to hold a series of activities and sporting events for officers and their families designed to improve their fitness and wellbeing.  

Using police internal systems participants will be signposted to three events in spring, summer, and autumn. 

The organisers say the 1TeamActive ‘introduction days’ will provide an opportunity for candidates and their families "to learn, to meet others, and to try different activities in a supportive, fun and encouraging environment."

Following the initial event there will be 8 to 12 weeks of further activities - including a variety of online resources and training classes to cover all levels of ability to enable full family participation the organisers say. 

Andy Rhodes, Chief Constable for Lancashire says “As the National Wellbeing lead I am delighted to hear that TeamPolice has been granted funds from Sport England and the National Lottery to create the 1TeamActive pilot scheme.

"It is timely as our service faces extreme pressure through competing demands. 1TeamActive is an exciting and innovative programme to support the physical and mental wellbeing of our staff and I am looking forward to my force engaging as part of the scheme."

TeamPolice is a fundraising body for police sport in the UK. It is a joint venture between Police Sport UK and EthosVo.

For further information on the 1TeamActive scheme please visit: 1TeamActive or contact or contact

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