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Disclosure failings caused by 'insufficient leadership'

CPS may have underestimated number of cases stopped because of disclosure errors by 90 per cent. • Long-term failures in the disclosure of evidence have gone unresolved because of insufficient focus and leadership, a report claims. MPs have criticised the director of public prosecution

Videos recorded by dangerous motorcyclist led to his own downfall

Adam Campion filmed himself accelerating to 189mph, driving through red lights, driving on the wrong side of the road, pulling wheelies and speeding in and out of traffic. • A biker who filmed himself speeding at up to 189mph has been handed a 21-month jail sentence. Adam Campion also used

Chiefs: 'Role of officers more challenging than ever'

'Increased demand and fewer officer numbers have had an impact'. • Chiefs say they will work with police and crime commissioners and the Home Office to look at demand and resources in the

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