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PC facing dismissal over alleged intimate touching during strip search

The Met officer was conducting the search in front of three probationers whilst instructing them. • A Met PC is facing dismissal after allegedly touching the private parts of a female detainee whilst showing probationers how to conduct a strip search.  PC Lesley Wade, 44, was perf

'This is not the Kremlin': police authority blasted over secrecy

SPA chairman says more of its committee meetings may now be held in public. • A perceived culture of secrecy at the police authority overseeing Police Scotland has been slammed by politicians. At a Scottish Parliament committee, members strongly criticised the running of the Scottish Police

Extra 100 Taser trained officers for force

Force will have Taser capability in local policing units for the first time. `. • Northamptonshire Police is to add a further 100 Taser trained officers to its ranks this year. After a review the force has opted to increase the number of officers it has carrying Taser along with regional p

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