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MagiKats Maths and English

Run your own business, make a difference and still enjoy a great work life balance.

MagiKats Maths and English is a family owned franchise which delivers tutoring in small groups to children from pre-school to GCSE (or local equivalent qualification). But no teaching experience is required to be a franchisee!

Our MagiKats franchise offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy a better working life: 

  • the fun and challenge of running your own profitable business with all the hard work involved in setting it up done for you,

  • the safety and reassurance of having well organised business materials, advice and training behind you, as well as the support of people who care about your success,

  • the satisfaction of making a visible difference to the children in your community, by helping them achieve their potential and grow in confidence, and

  • a chance to enjoy a great work life balance.  

Our franchise package – overview

100% support – Any new business or venture can be daunting but we’ll provide you with everything you need from marketing materials and advice, training, computer software and support with your launch. We’ll help train you and your staff and we’ll be there at the end of the phone if you want some advice.

Complete flexibility – A MagiKats franchise means you can work flexible hours to suit your lifestyle. But it also allows you to choose how involved you want to be. You might just want to run and manage your business or you may wish to have a more hands on role with the children. It’s up to you.

Experienced family owners – As a family owned and run business, we’re very passionate about MagiKats. Your success is our success so we’ll support you every step of the way. We’ve run our own franchises, so we understand what it’s like and we happily share our knowledge.

Is our franchise right for you?

What you don’t need - Our priority is getting the right people, not just as many people as possible. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a qualified teacher. In fact, you don’t need any teaching experience at all to own a franchise and run your Tuition Centre. All necessary training is provided.

What you do need – You need to be enthusiastic about running your own business and have an interest in education.  That’s it!

How much can you earn?

Good question! The answer of course will vary from franchise to franchise, how many workshops you run, how many children you enrol and how many mentors you employ, as well as other business overheads such as use of premises.

We can’t make any promises about how much you’ll earn. But, by way of example, it’s not unusual for some of our franchisees to have 60 children enrolled and be turning over £6,500 per month.  Our largest centres have over 300 children enrolled.

The workshops:

MagiKats workshops offer maths and English tutoring in small groups. Each student studies a two-strand programme of curriculum support and core skills development. In addition to core subject skills, we help develop skills in thinking, problem solving, studying and socialising. Every MagiKats student has a programme put together for them as an individual — no two programmes will ever be identical.

What our franchisees say

 “I only have to work approximately 20 hours a week with my centre and I'm earning a great full-time salary. The MagiKats HQ staff are really active and always ready to help, motivate and support you when required. That’s all you need to be honest." - Iftikhar Hussain, MagiKats Principal

“Being a MagiKats franchisee has completely changed my life – for the better! I now have plenty of time for my family and friends, whereas before I used to be rushing from home to work. Life is 100% more enjoyable nowadays!” - Stefanie Kosky, MagiKats Principal


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