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Run your own company, be your own boss with White7 Luxury Chauffeur Service Franchise

With White7 you can run your own luxury chauffeuring service. With our fleet of White7 series BMWs and high quality client experience, we have solidified our brand reputation and are now expanding through franchising.

5 reasons to join White7 franchise:

1) Serious abut 7 series - White7 means great cars, great driving, great rewards 

2) Choose a solid business model that works – Six years of success, with high net worth customers

3) Join a growing network – The bigger we are the better 

4) High value business support - Training, Insurance, Licensing, we’ll help 

5) Get the best deals from suppliers – Competitive deals on BMW 7 series, insurance and marketing

About White7:

White7 UK Ltd was established in 2012 and offers the ultimate luxury chauffeuring experience, with a fleet of white 7 series BMWs with cream interiors as our chauffeur vehicle of choice.

Minimum Investment: £7995.00

Joining us as a franchisee:

White7 maintains a stringent franchisee selection process. Our prospective franchisees need to adhere to a very strict code of ethics, however, extensive training will be provided, to both those previously experienced in chauffeuring and those new to it.

The benefits of joining the White7 franchise are many, with taking ownership of a beautiful new White7 series BMW at a discounted cost just one among them. As well, you will have our experience behind you, a support network to guide your development, and the ability to control your financial future.

White7 strives to offer the Ultimate Chauffeuring Experience.

Our franchise operation:

Having spent the last several years building the White7 brand in Shropshire, we aim to expand the business with a comprehensive franchise operation. With our success, we’ve proven to ourselves that our brand is popular, strong and required by a variety of discerning clients in both the private and corporate sectors.

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