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MISPER with the Candelabra

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During a recent missing from home enquiry in Redcar in Cleveland a lady was reported missing and was last seen heading towards local marsh land by a concerned witness.

This was obviously concerning to all especially when X Relief Response officers were informed that the lady was carrying a candelabra when sighted by the witness heading towards the marshes.

This caused the team to scratch their heads and focus in on the sentimental significance of such a piece of furniture..

Candelabra? Did it belong to her deceased parents? Did she intend to die with it in her hands as a tribute?

Was it a gift from a recently separated boyfriend that had tipped the lady over the edge and she wanted to cause maximum guilt to the said chap?

Was the candelabra to light the way to the next life??

All such theories were discussed by the search team for about an hour. Air Support was asked to sweep the marsh land looking for a heat source. Candles etc¦

After about 2 hours an embarrassed call taker contacted Insp Owen to admit there had been a slight error in taking down the details from the witness.

After a review of the call the lady was actually carrying a can of lager!!

Mystery over.

Lady found safe and well thankfully

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Vernon Vernon Thu, 01 November 2012

This is first time I got to read and learn about CandeLabra, Prior to this I never heard it anywhere. Anyways nice story.
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