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I hadn't been in the Force for long when I was transferred to the Asfordby St police station in Leicester. It covered an area called Highfields a very `cosmopolitan` area of the City. This was long before officers had personal radios to communicate with the Control room, so we were given `points` for each half an hour of our duty. This meant that we had to be at a particular place at a particular time so the Sergeant could meet and pass on instructions. We had to wait at each point for 5 minutes before the hour and 5 minutes after.

On this particular occasion I made my way to my `point` on Melbourne Rd in Leicester. I stood for my alloted ten minutes, during which I noticed that a group of girls opposite, who were wearing very short skirts and skimpy clothing, were showing some interest in me.

Eventually, one of them wandered across, looked me in the eye and said "Would you mind bug***ing off -= You're ruining business"

Les Smith Leicestershire Constabulary

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