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Cops Capers

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In the late 1980's, I was based in the beautiful town of Stratford upon Avon, which was home to an entire spectrum of 'colourful' and somewhat strange people. This one particular evening, I was on foot patrol with one of our new probationers when we were asked to attend the report of criminal damage to a carpet in a private house.

on inspecting the 'damage', my colleague an I explained that the carpet was not so much damaged as threadbare.

The householder was furious at our disbelief and immediately requested our names so that he could send a letter of complaint to our 'superior' officers.

"My name is WPC Poland" I replied.

"And I am WPC France". Replied my colleague.

"You are obviously not taking me seriously," replied the man "Either you give me your real names or I want so speak to someone in authority right now!"

Even the presentation of our individual warrant cards would not convince him that we were telling the truth and I thought he might just explode when the shift sercgeant arrived and introduced himself as PS Britain!

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