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Reading some of your tales reminded me of a "story" that I was assured was correct in what was 'Glasgow Polis'.

It belonged to a much revered chap PC Brown who for some reason was called "Faither Broon" something to do with his party trick of placing his shirt back to front.(no idea why..but he did)

He retired a short time after I joined as a cadet in 1974 and was prone to sleeping on a night shift in one of the Dr Who tardis type locations and this was prior to communications as we now know it.

The only way of calling the constable in these days was to phone the box and a red light, which was located at street junctions would flash and the constable would "phone home".

This particular night a call was put out which caused the light to flash and scared the shit (allegedly) out of Faither Broon by the sound it made and woke him at the same time.

He picked up the phone, upset at being awoken at 4am and when it was answered shouted words of wisdom about being awoken from his slumber and what did the mentally challenged chap on the other end of the phone want from him.

Said chap was the night shift Super who was visiting and in his harshest voice retorted "Do you know who this is" to which the answer was "No and I don't give a f@@@ either. What do you want"

"I am the night shift Superintendant" was the response.

Thinking rapidly Faither Broon responded "And do you know who this is"

"No" responded the Super.

"Thank F@@@ let's keep it that way" hung up and was never charged...sorry located.



Ian Paton Ex Strathclyde

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