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Cops Capers

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Another one off my concience! Going back a quarter of a century, or more!! I was riding my Police motor cycle one day in Walnut Street, Leicester, when I spied one of our Traffic Wardens engaged on traffic control at the junction of Grasmere Street. Now Traffic Wardens were, in those days, considered a necessary evil. They were a bloody nuisance in some respects always getting themselves into some mischief or other with irate motorists that they managed to upset when they slapped fixed penalty tickets indiscriminately on vehicles contravening the many parking regulations scattered about the City. Many is the time I had to 'rescue' them from the clutches of someone who was considering murder as retribution for being ticketed. Anyway I had a good reppor with most of them, especially the young, fit and attractive females! This particular warden I had know for many years and secretely I had always fancied her. I saw my opportunity to have a bit of fun with her. I carefully rode my bike in her direction. She was standing with her back to me nonchantly bring her left arm backward and forward to indicate that the traffic should proceed. I did just that and just as I past I brought my right hand down from my throttle and playfully slapped her posterior. Now I'm quite sure there is a formula such as the Quantum Theory which states that given the speed of the motor cycle coupled with that of the speed of the arm equals a particular force but the end result was that this unfortunate female leapt into the air to a height of about six feet as the palm of my hand struck her ample rear. I must admit that my hand felt rather painful as well! Realising that my tomfoolery had resulted in some pain for this poor lass I quickly returned to the scene of my crime. The girl stood there quite pale with tears in her eyes! I did apoligise profusely and ate humble pie and thankfully she forgave me and we remained friends....Years afterwards when we bumped into one another she always reminded me of the brashness of my fickle youth and said it wasn't so much the impact of my hand on her bottom that upset her but the cheeky offer to rub it better that I made to her after saying I was sorry!

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