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Cops Capers

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It was in the early 1970's after I had been kicked off the traffic Depts. motorbike section for crashing every bike I mounted, that I found myself on the Uppingham Rd Rural Panda, as the beat bobby for 17 villages to the North/East of Leicester. Uppingham Rd station was not 24hrs - just 8am to midnight, and on this particular occasion I was on 8am to 4 pm shift. I arived at 7.45am to start my duty, went through the briefing sheet and then went out to complete my DTP (daily tasks performed) on my panda. Whilst I was doing this I was called on my radio and told to remain at the station as John Fox, my superintendent, who lived just along the road from the station wanted to speak to me. I couldn't think what I had done wrong but waited in anticipation.

The station PC - PC Pollard - still hadn't arrived as the Super turned up in his own car. He said he wanted me to follow him to a local car main dealer where his car was booked in for a service, and then give him a lift home after he had dropped it off. With some relief I followed him to the garage and started my journey back with the Super as my passenger.

The route to his home took me past the police station, and to my horror as I was about 50 yds from the station I saw PC Pollard sauntering along the footpath towards the station - by now about 30 miutes late for duty. He glanced round and obviously saw the Super in my panda, because he immediately dived behind a nearby bus shelter and hid behind it until we had passed. Fortunately, the Super gave no idication that he had seen anything untoward and we continued to his home where I dropped him off.

He got out of the panda and started to walk towards his home. Then he turned and approached the panda car. I opened the passengers window to receive the pearls of wisdom that he was clearly about to impart to me -

"You can tell Pollard that if he thinks I am as daft as he obviously thinks I am he can blo**y well think again."

I passed the message to PC Pollard (with some glee) - but I don't think he heard any more about it.

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