Senior officer charged with shoplifting from Tesco
Marathon followed by night duty was no problem for Ash
Hillsborough: Legal action launched against South Yorkshire and West Midlands forces


Learning the Lessons: Controlling protests and demonstrations

Learning the Lessons: Controlling protests and demonstrations

Where a spontaneous incident breaks out and you are not aware of any nominated intermediaries, how do you identify members of a crowd who may be able to help mediate or resolve a situation?. • The Learning the Lessons Committee is a multi-agency committee established to disseminate and promo

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The state and counter-extremism

The state and counter-extremism

Is there too much government involvement in attempts to steer people away from extremism, or not enough? Ian Weinfass examines some elements of the debate. • "It is shocking, tragic and deplorable that you, two young British men, educated through the UK school system, undertaking univers

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