School holidays: Officers 'should not have special rights'
Target culture 'is leading to officer losses'
Force confirms new deputy chief


Law Q&A: Issues around CCTV

Law Q&A: Issues around CCTV

Professor Michael Zander ponders a question about a suspect who is caught on camera. • Question A person is captured on CCTV at the scene of the crime. The CCTV shows the date and the time. The person is identified by an officer and is arrested. On being questioned he a

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Two years, a lifetime of change

Two years, a lifetime of change

Royston Martis reflects on a law enforcement landscape that has changed out of all recognition since he started writing for PoliceOracle.com. • This week, this esteemed PoliceOracle.com column celebrates its second anniversary. Time flies, doesn't it? As regular readers wi

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