Showing Stories from 28th November 2012 to 10th February 2015
(19/01/15) Combined police and fire car 'proving valuable resource' (27/11/14) Self-interest 'hindering force collaboration' (25/11/14) New approach needed to prevent police transporting patients (01/08/14) Restructured dog section promises more on call resource (31/07/14) Force pulls out of two year collaboration (22/07/14) Three forces risk becoming 'inviable' in future (15/05/14) Work begins on historic tri force collaboration programme (19/03/14) Murder probe 'would have halted without collaboration' (20/12/13) Tri-force dog collaboration will 'satisfy policing demand' (11/12/13) Policing specialisms: Major collaboration deal agreed (18/11/13) One chief 'could lead two forces' (17/09/13) Uniforms: Forces 'cannot agree on number of pockets' (09/09/13) Single national forces 'have key benefits' (22/07/13) PCCs 'slowing collaboration processes' (19/07/13) Future of five forces at risk with further cuts (08/07/13) Guide flags private sector partnering opportunities (11/04/13) FOR SUBBING: Multi-million Pound Criminal Intelligence System Scrapped (11/04/13) Force Aborts Collaboration Plans (11/04/13) Feature: Collaboration, Outsourcing And Efficiency Questions (20/02/13) Fed Questions Dog Unit Collaboration (21/12/12) WED 1: First Tri-Force Scientific Model Gains National Recognition (21/12/12) Five-Force Fraud Collaboration 'National First' (03/01/13) Chief: Collaboration 'Can Meet Cuts Challenge' (03/12/12) Collaboration Initiative: Jobs To Be Axed (28/11/12) Forces Ponder Further Specialism Collaborations
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