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Tour de France followed with real-time mapping Tour de France followed with real-time mapping

As the county hosted the yearly cycle race, it used a system that informed how the roads policing resources were deployed. • West Yorkshire Police used mapping technology during the UK stage of the Tour de France to track the progress of the race and inform them when it was safe to re-open roads, or

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IT tenders: Long contracts and legacy technology IT tenders: Long contracts and legacy technology

Editor of Police Product Insight, Gary Mason discusses the antiquated IT systems in use in the emergency services and what is being done to replace them. • The signing of a mammoth £90m contract over 17 years to replace the Metropolitan Police’s ageing command and control system is a ma

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Police Product Insight

In This Issue August/September 2014

  • Ground breaking - Technologies and techniques that have quickly become indispensable tools for forensic search and recovery services
  • Special focus: Multi-agency working - Common data standards and other efforts will allow the many parts of the British criminal justice system to work together efficiently
  • Mind games - Research into human memory, facial recognition and the production of facial composites is driving developments in a vital area of police work
  • Simply the vest - Assessing the right level of body armour protection
  • Touch a nerve - Technology is changing the very nature of criminality in society, but it can transform police work in the same way, if officers and forces are prepared to embrace it
  • Wave goodbye - How law enforcement authorities can effectively block communications in an area and trace the use of illegal jammers
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What is Police Product Insight?

Police Product Insight Magazine Stack Press/Editorial

Police Product Insight is an independent bi-monthly international magazine covering technology, equipment and services for police and national security organisations.

Police Product Insight is an essential read for anyone with an interest in new developments from around the world.

Subject areas include information and communications technology, surveillance and detection, forensics, weapons, protection, vehicles, CBRN, EOD and support services.

Each issue contains news, analysis and expert opinion, providing a platform for police and national security organisations and the industry to share knowledge on new solutions from around the world.

The editor welcomes expert submissions from police and national security agencies, government and industry.

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Police Product Insight provides a unique opportunity for industry to promote new solutions to global decision makers.

In the current economic environment, police and security agencies are seeking innovative and effective solutions from industry that aid improved performance on tighter budgets.

For many industry suppliers, shrinking domestic markets mean that international exposure for their products is critical.

Police Product Insight provides valuable channel to promote products and services in both developed and fast developing international markets.

The magazine is published in both print and digital editions providing maximum exposure for advertisements alongside relevant editorial to a high value readership.