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A low-cost alternative to UAVs for live video A low-cost alternative to UAVs for live video

Helium balloon mounted camera offers a legal way to survey crowds, ports and harbours. • A customised aerostat or helium balloon, with a remotely operated camera platform mounted underneath has been developed by Search Systems in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It offers a cheaper alternative to unman

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Multi-agency data synchronisation in the criminal justice system Multi-agency data synchronisation in the criminal justice system

Common data standards and other efforts will allow the many parts of the British criminal justice system to work together efficiently, says Gary Mason. • The British criminal justice system is, in many ways, the acid test of effective multi-agency working in the UK. It encompasses at least f

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Police Product Insight

In This Issue October/November 2014

  • Press For Help - Biometric information on fingerprints and DNA is being shared between some European countries to crack down on cross-border crime. Gary Mason looks at the challenges facing the initiative
  • Tough Tablets - As mobile data becomes the norm, the demands on hardware and software platforms are becoming greater, writes Gary Mason
  • Chasing Data - Paul Slater explains how you can apply technology in the right places to assist human investigators in solvingcomplex crimes
  • Simply the vest - Assessing the right level of body armour protection
  • Viewpoint - Organisations need to establish proceedures for preserving evidence if their computers become compromised, says Dr Mike Westmacott
  • Power Over The People - The attraction of Europe to criminal groups involved in human trafficking has drawn Europol to the forefront of efforts to tackle the problem at a cross border level. Gary Mason reports
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Police Product Insight Magazine Stack Press/Editorial

Police Product Insight is an independent bi-monthly international magazine covering technology, equipment and services for police and national security organisations.

Police Product Insight is an essential read for anyone with an interest in new developments from around the world.

Subject areas include information and communications technology, surveillance and detection, forensics, weapons, protection, vehicles, CBRN, EOD and support services.

Each issue contains news, analysis and expert opinion, providing a platform for police and national security organisations and the industry to share knowledge on new solutions from around the world.

The editor welcomes expert submissions from police and national security agencies, government and industry.

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Police Product Insight provides a unique opportunity for industry to promote new solutions to global decision makers.

In the current economic environment, police and security agencies are seeking innovative and effective solutions from industry that aid improved performance on tighter budgets.

For many industry suppliers, shrinking domestic markets mean that international exposure for their products is critical.

Police Product Insight provides valuable channel to promote products and services in both developed and fast developing international markets.

The magazine is published in both print and digital editions providing maximum exposure for advertisements alongside relevant editorial to a high value readership.