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Video and image data tool automates investigations Video and image data tool automates investigations

Proving successful in analysing volume data in child sex abuse cases, Net Clean's Analyze Digital Investigator will now be used in a wider remit of investigations. • Software that enables investigators to analyse video and imagery and to rapidly import and analyse huge volumes of structured

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Data in the frame: Mobile device initiative Data in the frame: Mobile device initiative

Tasmania turned to Windows 8 to become the first Australian agency with enterprise wide data mobility, writes Gary Mason. • Although Tasmania Police is Australia’s smallest jurisdiction, with around 1,100 sworn officers, it is leading the nation with technology and is the first agency to deli

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Police Product Insight

In This Issue June/July 2014

  • King of the hill - How the US Capitol Police hazardous materials squad is keeping the US Congress safe from harmful toxins and explosive devices
  • Special focus: Offender management - The roll-out of tracking systems that keep tabs on criminals following their release from prison is part of a movement that attacks organised crime and seeks to hamstring repeat offenders
  • Voice in the crowd - Speech comparison can be a vital piece of the puzzle during an investigation, but the technique is more opinion than fact. We report on efforts to automate and standardise the process
  • Data in the frame - Tasmania turned to Windows 8 to become the first Australian agency with enterprise wide mobility
  • Streets ahead - A Police Service of Northern Ireland mobile data project has cleared around 90 minutes of station-based work each day per officer, allowing them to spend more time on the beat
  • Viewpoint - Nicole Zubata discusses tactical lessons from the Boston bombing and how armored vehicles are helping officers
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Police Product Insight Magazine Stack Press/Editorial

Police Product Insight is an independent bi-monthly international magazine covering technology, equipment and services for police and national security organisations.

Police Product Insight is an essential read for anyone with an interest in new developments from around the world.

Subject areas include information and communications technology, surveillance and detection, forensics, weapons, protection, vehicles, CBRN, EOD and support services.

Each issue contains news, analysis and expert opinion, providing a platform for police and national security organisations and the industry to share knowledge on new solutions from around the world.

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Police Product Insight provides a unique opportunity for industry to promote new solutions to global decision makers.

In the current economic environment, police and security agencies are seeking innovative and effective solutions from industry that aid improved performance on tighter budgets.

For many industry suppliers, shrinking domestic markets mean that international exposure for their products is critical.

Police Product Insight provides valuable channel to promote products and services in both developed and fast developing international markets.

The magazine is published in both print and digital editions providing maximum exposure for advertisements alongside relevant editorial to a high value readership.