Non Police Media/Online News

Here is a selection of links to non police media including online newspapers and other news sources.

On-Line Daily Newspapers

The Daily Telegraph
The Times
The Independent
The Guardian
The Ovserver
The Financial Times
The Daily Mail
The Daily Express
The Sun
The Mirror
The Daily Star
The Scotsman
The Belfast Telegraph
The Irish Times
The Herald - Scotland's leading daily online newspaper.
The Daily Record
The Sunday Times
The Sunday Mirror
News of the World
The People
Scotland on Sunday
Sunday Herald - Very good Scottish Sunday online newspaper.

Other On-Line News Sources

Associated Press (AP) provides national and international news, photos, graphics, broadcast and online services
Ananova News - an excellent site providing the latest news available on Ananova's web, WAP and PDA sites.
Reuters - Global provider of news, financial information and technology solutions to the world's media, financial institutions, businesses and individuals.
CNN - Among the world's leaders in online news and information delivery.
BBC News
ITN News
Sky News

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Police News 24

Private organisations set to take over community rehabilitation

Justice Secretary says part-privatisation will bring benefits, but trade union highlights comments by Mayor of London about wanting more control over system.

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Public backs 'controversial' armed policing policy, survey finds

Three months after Police Scotland's chief constable was forced into an embarrassing climbdown over his firearms policy, a survey appears to vindicate his original stance.

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Seven new forces want direct entry superintendents

On the day that those already hired as part of controversial scheme go out on patrol for the first time, several new forces will be open for applications.

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Family lose legal bid to sue police

Mother of woman killed by ex-partner wanted damages to provide for children who were in house when murder happened.

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Risks to officers named in lost discs 'assessed'

Steps have been taken to ensure that police named in lost documents are not at risk of attack, government says.

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Police rape investigators given new guidance on consent

Alleged perpetrators should be challenged to state what steps they took to be sure consent had been fully and freely given.

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