Non Police Media/Online News

Here is a selection of links to non police media including online newspapers and other news sources.

On-Line Daily Newspapers

The Daily Telegraph
The Times
The Independent
The Guardian
The Ovserver
The Financial Times
The Daily Mail
The Daily Express
The Sun
The Mirror
The Daily Star
The Scotsman
The Belfast Telegraph
The Irish Times
The Herald - Scotland's leading daily online newspaper.
The Daily Record
The Sunday Times
The Sunday Mirror
News of the World
The People
Scotland on Sunday
Sunday Herald - Very good Scottish Sunday online newspaper.

Other On-Line News Sources

Associated Press (AP) provides national and international news, photos, graphics, broadcast and online services
Ananova News - an excellent site providing the latest news available on Ananova's web, WAP and PDA sites.
Reuters - Global provider of news, financial information and technology solutions to the world's media, financial institutions, businesses and individuals.
CNN - Among the world's leaders in online news and information delivery.
BBC News
ITN News
Sky News

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Police News 24

Unison blasts Scotland pay rise offer as 'derisory'

Police staff to be sent consultative ballot on force's remuneration plan.

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Man spat in officer's eye and mouth

Christopher Mulholland jailed following 18th assault on a police officer.

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Victims' Commissioner warns against change to sexual abuse investigations

Retired High Court judge Sir Richard Henriques said those who make complaints should be referred to as complainants not victims.

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Domestic abuse accounts for more than ten per cent of crimes recorded by police

Last year 'nearly two million adults experienced domestic abuse'.

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Former officer jailed for part in criminal network

Hemayat Enayat used a house he owned to grow cannabis.

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PC was part of cannabis growing gang

GMP say they are 'appalled' by his greed.

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