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Showing Stories from 9th August 2022 to 28th November 2022
(28/11/22) College launches new Domestic Abuse risk tool
Training and CPD part of force's 'outstanding' performance says HMIC

Training and CPD part of force's 'outstanding' performance says HMIC

(25/11/22) Chief officers regularly hold meetings with staff and make sensible changes PEEL review finds.

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(15/11/22) Lancashire PCC: Let's get everyone at the table about the degree route (09/11/22) Home Secretary asks college to re-consider non-degree entry routes (06/11/22) Hampshire Constabulary offers placements for T-Level students (03/11/22) FDO "correct" to declare Operation Plato on night of arena bomb
Some senior officers

Some senior officers "uneasy" about impersonal recruitment process

(02/11/22) Poor previous employment history and intelligence linking candidates to crime is being missed.

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(31/10/22) PCCs write to Home Secretary to keep IPLDP open (31/10/22) Western Australia targets UK officers after change in labour laws (31/10/22) PCDA case study: Hampshire Constabulary and Middlesex Uni (26/10/22) Force average pass rate for Inspectors' exam is 54 per cent (25/10/22) Maternity support guide encourages standardisation among forces (25/10/22) Hate crime e-learning tool developed with Avon and Somerset (21/10/22) SMT change policies that have led to child protection role shortage (18/10/22) Review of police-perpetrated VAWG reveals 'improvements and inconsistencies' (17/10/22) The Casey review: PSUs are under-resourced and "a dumping ground"
Rowley asks for power to have final say on

Rowley asks for power to have final say on "100s" who should be sacked

(17/10/22) Officers have no faith in the system when they report misconduct according to Casey Review.

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(05/10/22) Leicestershire Police to equip 12 Special Constables with Tasers (29/09/22) TVP call handling apprentices "hit the ground running" (27/09/22) More than half of CoP bursaries awarded to PCs and sergeants (22/09/22) West Mids Fed warns officers put off public order training (22/09/22) Walks on the beach and team building boost morale in Northumbria (31/08/22) Scrap College and replace it with new leadership academy says think tank (30/08/22) Go back to basics on burglary to re-connect with public, says HMI (25/08/22) Civil contingency specialist appointed DCC at Gloucestershire (10/08/22) West Mercia reveals post-alliance expansion plans (09/08/22) Former NCA boss set to return as Met's new Dep Commissioner (09/08/22) What can law enforcement do in the face of Child to Parent Abuse? (09/08/22) PEQF should take into account benefits of direct entry, says PCC
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