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Lack of natural light causing officers 'emotional suffering'

Claims dark days in custody suites with no natural light can lead to "emotional suffering" as well as headaches and strained eyes. • An absence of natural light in some police custody suites causes personnel and detainees "emotional suffering" as well as headaches and eye strain, it has b

Officers no longer under criminal investigation

Police watchdog finds "insufficient evidence" to establish if four officers committed an offence in the handling of a rape complaint. • Officers alleged to have mishandled a rape complaint are no longer under criminal investigation, the Independent Police Complaints Committee (IPCC) announced

Protection officer arrested over Palace locker ammunition

Metropolitan Police officer has been suspended and is being held in custody at a London police station following discovery. • A Royal Protection officer has been arrested after ammunition - believed to be from the Metropolitan Police's own supplies - was found in his personal locker in the grou

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