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Moving towards a merger?

Is now the right time for a constructive debate. • Forty-three? Thirty-three? Seventeen? Twelve? Nine? One? How many police forces does England and Wales need? February 2016 marks ten years since the then Labour Government went to Parliament and unsuccessfully tried to introduce

Stop and search improvements 'painfully and unacceptably slow'

HMIC says it is 'indefensible' the practice has not been afforded higher priority by chief officers. • Police leaders have failed to show commitment in improving stop and search and must take immediate action. HMIC’s PEEL legitimacy inspection found that while the majority of forces d

BAME officers 'treated differently' in disciplinary processes, report finds

HMIC says findings not conclusive but suggests bias may exist. • Officers and staff from a BAME background are likely to be treated differently in disciplinary processes to their white colleagues, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary has found. In its first PEEL legitimacy inspec

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