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A trip to the future? On patrol in a joint police and fire response car

Ian Weinfass looked at what Northamptonshire's shared rural intervention vehicle does. • A fire fighter is driving along a dual carriageway, the constable in the passenger seat asks him to stop and drive them to a lay-by on the other side of the road. The driver doesn't question the man

'Sidelined' pay review bodies will cost public millions

Independent panels were meant to make suggestions to government, but process appears to have been reversed - throwing doubt on whether spending is justified. • Pay review bodies covering police and the National Crime Agency (NCA) have cost the taxpayer more than half a million pounds so far - as

Retiring officer not thanked, just told to put warrant card in the post

Chief constable disappointed with error and fed chair vows to let officers know their 'service is valued'. • A retired officer was left deflated when on his last day he received no contact from his bosses and was told to "put his warrant card in the post". When the Hampshire PC

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