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Thousands contact solicitors for legal advice over pension reform

Since Sunday evening, more than 2,000 officers have been in touch with firm set to represent officers challenging new pension scheme. • The decision by the Police Federation of England and Wales not to challenge the new pension scheme is “disappointing” but not a surprise, according to

New recruits struggling with starting salary

New constables in most forces are paid £19,000 which means probationers are cutting back on activities outside of work. • Almost 50 per cent of police personnel are finding it hard to cover the cost of living from their salary. The results of a study revealed that 46 per cent stated their

Special injured on duty wins care payout

Essex Police SC who was passenger during crash will likely be disabled for life. • A former special constable has won a "significant payout" to fund his life-long care after suffering brain injuries in a crash on duty. Reece Clarke was a passenger in a police car in July 20

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