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'Overtime crackdown harder due to cuts'

Former chief constable says that Labour rule was 'golden era' for officers as party details part of its plans for saving money and preserving officer numbers. • A review of overtime is not off the agenda for the Labour Party but is being made more challenging by the continuing fall in numbers, it

PCC: Money-saving has gone too far

Warwickshire PCC says being over cautious with the budget has led to too many officer vacancies. • A "groundbreaking alliance" is proving "a bit too good at saving money", according to one police and crime commissioner (PCC). Warwickshire PCC Ron Ball (pictured) has admi

Arresting young people 'must be last resort'

National lead for children and young people highlights areas of focus for forces. • Young people need to be able to make mistakes without being arrested, the national lead on the issue has said. Speaking at the first National Policing Children and Young People Conference for four years, Sus

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