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Frontline officers to fall in '£3 billion cut'

Settlement funding for HMIC and IPCC roundly criticised as policing world reacts to next year's budget. • More officer numbers will fall as police budgets will have been slashed by the equivalent of £3 billion by the end of the next financial year, it has been claimed. The Home Office

28-day restriction proposed for police bail

Consultation paper sets out a number of possible amendments to legislation. • Pre-charge police bail could be capped at 28 days under new plans set out by the Home Secretary. Theresa May said some individuals found it "extremely stressful" to be under suspicion for extended period

'Savile files would have been passed to CPS'

North Yorkshire Police issue apology to victims for missing opportunities to charge the TV presenter before his death. • Criminal charges for sexual assault and rape would have been likely to be brought against Jimmy Saville had he been alive today. A recent investigation has collected

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