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Chief lambasts Met Special Demonstration Squad

Undercover police officers stored intelligence of families including relatives of Ricky Reel. • Undercover Metropolitan Police officers "collected and retained" intelligence on families leading campaigns for justice - including relatives of Ricky Reel, an Asian student found dead in 1

Sealed investigations proposal is 'sledgehammer to crack nut'

Secret probes proposal by Theresa May criticised by analysts and Fed officials. • Secret investigations into allegedly corrupt officers would amount to "using a rather large sledgehammer to crack a rather small nut," a senior Police Federation official has said. Fed Vice-Chairman S

Controversial Taser mode 'should continue to be an option'

Officers must continue to be allowed to use their professional judgement over drive stun, says Fed lead. • Officers must to be able to continue to use their judgement and professional discretion in the use of a controversial mode of Taser, a senior Federation official has said. Doug Cam

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