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Scotland 'may develop independent chief officer training'

Discussions have sped up recently, President of Association of Scottish Police Superintendents says. • Aspiring chief officers in Scotland could be trained separately from those in the rest of the UK, it has emerged. Growing differences between policing in the country and England and Wales h

Force to 'confirm or deny undercover officers'

Met can no longer rely on previous operational statement in defence of civil court action. • The Metropolitan Police will answer allegations its undercover officers caused distress to political activists by engaging in relationships with them on July 30 - and it can no longer rely on "neit

Deputy selected to temporarily lead force

Following chief constable's move to become an inspector for HMIC, deputy chief will temporarily step up. • The deputy chief constable of Staffordshire Police will temporarily lead the force after the chief constable announced he would become an HMI for Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabular

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