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looking for help with harassment

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Posted 13 December 2010 - 11:25 PM

hi everyone im new here please bear with me  

i need help with my brother , he went to prison for 3 months because he threatened to kill 10 woman but only 1 went through with the charges , Ive thought him to be an ok person and thought maybe he thought he needed to threaten them even though its nothing id do ,anyway he split with his ex whom hed been with about 15 years so i offered to put him up for a few weeks along with his pregnant girlfriend ,my brothers son whos 19 didnt like it and threatened me with the same my brother had threatened the others with but i ignored this , after my brother got released he had a few drinks that night and started saying some very sick things , he explained how he missed cuddling his 9 yr old daughter at night, after asking him what he meant he said he slept with her sinse she was born he said they did everything together even bath and undress he explained how he showed her all ,he explained that his step daughter had a 3 some when she was 13 one was her own brother he said he watched them , being a mother of 5 wonderful children i kicked his sick backside out i dont care if he was family or not my kids always come first , he begged my dad to collect his things even knowing he had an anuism , that burst that day and thankfully he got to A and E in time , sinse then ive had to change all my numbers and block him on the internet and the police gave him a harassment warning for me , things seemed great after the warning , With christmas coming up i know i was so stupid but i sent him a christmas card ,hes now made up a fake account belonging to his ex's daughters name ,hes said how he was in a coma in hospital after all the upset , i called social services see the day after he said what was going on and all 3 children are in perm foster care and are now happy , i called the hospitals and theyve said he hasnt even been admitted to hospital and social services have said the girl hasnt been talking to me as there was no internet access , ive now started having severe nightmares again and i feel stupid in sending that card i wish i hadnt but hes also been seen around my area , what i need to know is can i get him charged as i dont want a warning now as hes destroying my life , i hate anything to do with abuse  

a month ago he had the council contact me saying that he was living here for months but it was only 1 day he was here , i couldve lost my rent for that and lost my home , he also called social services on me and even though they were very happy with my children the upset is still there , i cant believe ive known this man sinse i was born and we did everything together as kids but hes turned out like this ,we also think hes still on herion , he tried to get me to take it when i was 13 but im to wise on drugs i hate anything to do with that to ,hes also an alcoholic , can istill get him charged and get him completely out of our lives for good ?

thanks to all x

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Posted 14 December 2010 - 07:41 AM

I'm sorry mrsmagoo, it's forum policy not to comment on cases like this, for both members' protection and your protection (you don't know who members are; they could be anyobody). Speak to a solicitor.
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