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A foxes' life on the A20

Sean Hollands, former KentCounty Constabulary Traffic patrol.
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One summer evening on the A20 near west Kingsdown, Kent, together with a colleague, whilst on main road traffic patrol, we came across an accident, in which a huge fox had come off the worst in an argument with several passing cars. Having got the traffic flowing again we were left with the poor fox, which was breathing but apparently unconscious,...

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The American Legal System

Paul Thompson
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This took place in Charlotte North Carolina. A lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars, then insured them against, among other things, fire....

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Sudden death.....

John (Met)
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Funniest blooper I've ever heard in my 23 years in the Met so far was when a probationer PC attended a 'sudden death' in a flat in Whitechapel, East London. The probationer was unsure of what to do and so called the section sergeant down. The sergeant duly walked into the flat where the young PC was standing and said to the PC " find some air...

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MISPER with the Candelabra

Insp Nick Owen - Cleveland Police
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During a recent missing from home enquiry in Redcar in Cleveland a lady was reported missing and was last seen heading towards local marsh land by a concerned witness....

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Cyclist in saddest mugshot ever after fighting with police

Drunk man arrested after he tried to order food from closed fast food joint.

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Plan to deploy 'police reindeer' near North Pole

Ungulates could help crack down on alcohol related disorder in remote and relatively lawless frozen territories.

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On a More Serious Note

Huge drop in firearms officer numbers despite threats

Declines across 22 forces contribute to an overall drop in 760 armed officers, with charity chairman branding the move 'naïve' in the current climate.

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'Tax rise necessary to offset cuts'

Consultations have begun over whether to raise the police precept above the referendum cap, as PCC calls for Home Secretary to "stop strutting".

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Public to 'ride along' with officers under scheme

Plan which aims to help stimulate public understanding of the role of an officer has its limitations, says ex-officer Mike Pannett.

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